Saturday, May 23, 2015

Boxer Rebellion International: FMA as taught by Mark Stewart through the Guro Ted Lucaylucay Lineage.
Kali Obtik is a Modern Filipino method with a strong Traditional Root that includes influences from JKD & Boxing. Kali Obtik is an art that includes both drilling and freestyle sparring with padded weapons and safety gear. Kali Obtik also includes CQD/Mano-Mano techniques designed for defense against weapons and close quarter defense as well as Panuntukan/Sikaran. Kali Obtik is directly inspired from Guro Ted Lucaylucay's Kali, with emphasis on "Obtik". Obtik is defined as the explosive use of stepping, pivoting and sinking or raising to power and time the stroke. Ultimately the strategy is to win and to avoid "double kill" through control of distance, timing and position...

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